Against All Authority


After waiting nearly 6 years, I finally got to see Against All Authority last night, and let me say, I can’t even begin to describe the sheer awesomeness of the punk ska show. I was a little afraid they’d only play songs off of “The Restoration Of Chaos And Disorder” (their newest cd), which I think was their weakest release, however, they played all old stuff, only playing two songs off of their newest one. Lately when I goto shows, I feel like I’m too old to be moshing around and whatnot, but when the first chord struck, I found myself actually starting the pit, which soon became a 30 person frenzy (an example of the effect this band has). Anyway, for those who care, here was the setlist of the show (in order):

MP3: All Fall Down
MP3: Dinkas When I Close My Eyes
Sweet Televised Destruction
Just An Obstruction
Committing The Truth (AKA Whistleblower)
Radio Waves
Holiday In Cambodia (Dead Kennedy’s Cover)
Hard As Fuck
Lifestyle Of Rebellion
MP3: Toby
MP3: Sk8 Rock
Walking Revolution

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