Skate punk, melodic, sweetness. If this was the game Tribound, the answer would be Lagwagon. I really don’t have much to say since I’m so damn tired, so just check the songs out yourself.

MP3: Lagwagon – Razor Burn
This is song is really damn catchy, and pretty funny in a ridiculous way. About
how his girlfriend broke up with him, so he’s going to grow a beard to show
his shame.

MP3: Lagwagon – Violins
I listened to this song 6 times… yesterday. Impressive for someone who never
listens to the same cd within a week period. The breakdown at the end of the
song is what really makes it for me.

MP3: Lagwagon – May 16th
Probably their most popular song, and definitely their catchiest, it’s the song
that got me into this band 6 years ago.


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