Say Hi To Your Mom/ Bishop Allen

Sasha:Monday night I had the good fortune of seeing Bishop Allen, +/-, and Say Hi to Your Mom. Originally I wasn’t planning on going because the show was an hour away and nobody would come with me but after reading all the great reviews of Bishop Allen’s SXSW show I couldn’t stay away. It was absolutely worth the trip. Even though they opened and had the shortest set I think the standout band was Say Hi to Your Mom. Eric Elbogen rocked particularly hard during “These Fangs,” “Sweet Sweet Heartkiller,” and “Let’s Talk About Spaceships.” The only downside of the show was that now I’ve met both Owen Ashworth of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and Eric Elbogen of Say Hi to Your Mom and I can safely say they are not the same person (hopefully my next indierock conspiracy theory will prove more fruitful.)

Bishop Allen was also put on an amazing show. There was dancing and shouting and maracas and a ukulele! What more could you ask for?

MP3: Say Hi to Your Mom- Lets Talk About Spaceships
MP3: Bishop Allen- Things Are What You Make of Them

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