Folk Music for the End of the World

Sasha:Bush presidency got you down? Swamped with end of the semester papers? There is a light at the end of the tunnel friends, only a couple months left of school and as for Bush… well that next election will be here eventually. But if that’s not good enough and you’ve already succumbed completely to depression the wonderful Yer Bird Records can provide you with some sulking music. Comfort yourself by weeping quietly to Matthew Ryan, embrace your oncoming fate with The Gunshy’s terrifying death rattle and have yourself a pre-apocalyptic party with O’death. Folk Music for the End of the World also features songs from Paleo, Alina Simone, Chauchat, Hayden, Allyn Latorre, J. Tillman, Oweihops, Sarah White, Elephant Micah, Nic Garcia, The Hotel Ghost, Travel By Sea and Hezekiah Jones.

MP3: Hayden- Message From London
MP3: O’death- Angeline

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