Osker – Treatment 5

silverunity (yes I am still alive.)Before a few days ago, I haven’t listened to this cd in over 3 years. When I popped in Osker’s “Treatment 5” into my car CD player my first immediate thought was, “Man, this band is angsty.” Then I remembered how 6 years ago, I used to feel a connection with the lyrics. While I don’t have that connection anymore, this CD is still an amazing album that I love to listen to.
Osker is probably the snottiest punk band I have ever heard. Could be because this record came out the year these guys graduated high-school. I don’t mean their melodic south Cali sound is really heavy (it’s not), but the lyrics are some of the funniest ones I’ve heard in a while simply because of how snotty they are. Sadly, this band broke up 5 years ago (like a lot of the good punk bands that I used to listen to), but definitely pick up this CD (although I’d recommend skipping their second, “Idle Will Kill”, a little to slow for me). Oh yeah, apparently this band was featured in the movie “Crazy Beautiful” (I’ve never seen it, but they’re the band that’s playing at a party or something). So yeah, if you ever wondered who that was, it’s these guys.

MP3: Osker – Panic
MP3: Osker – Stop The Bus
MP3: Osker – Dying

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