Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip

I’m afraid I don’t know too much about these guys, Scroobius Pip (the guy with the beard) is the one rapping and Dan Le Sac (the guy with the mutton chops) produces. They’re from the UK. The songs are catchy and the lyrics are great also check out the video for Thou Shall Always Kill.

MP3: Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip- Thou Shalt Always Kill
The lyrics to this song are like a manifesto, an awesome manifesto. I can’t really pick my favorite line although “When I say ‘Hey’ thou shalt not say ‘Ho’” is up there. Also around minute 1:30 he starts a list of idols not to put on a pedestal, which is pretty great.

MP3: Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip- A Letter From God To Man
I went crazy trying to remember where the backing music for this one was from, it’s Radiohead.

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