A refined sounding street punk band? That actually is an Oxymoron! However, Oxymoron is about as classy as they come in street punk, and one of their songs are a housewives favorite, where we find ourselves randomly singing (even the non street punk fan housewives, which is everyone else besides me) “GET ON STRIKE!” God they’re catchy as hell (God? Hell? is that an oxymoron?)
Although I must admit, first few times I heard the song, I swore they were saying “Ghettocide”, and was convinced that a ghettocide was the ghettofication (is that even a word?) of a city… Apparently I’m wrong, but I still think “Ghettocide” would of been cooler. Anyways check out some tracks, especially “GET ON STRIKE!” Oh by the way, they’re from Germany, but sing in English.

MP3: Oxymoron – Get On Strike (A Housewives favorite)
MP3: Oxymoron – Life’s A Bitch
MP3: Oxymoron – Run From Reality


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