Today’s Theme: Hipsters and Stuff.

silverunity:picture taken from Natalie Dee

Wow, updates have been pretty scarce this week, as all of the housewives are incredibly busy, but don’t worry, we’re still alive. Anyways, today’s songs all have to do with hipsters of some sort. So crack open a can of Pabst, stretch out that tight Threadless shirt and grab your IMacs, because this is an ode to all you guys and gals who somehow are just better than the rest of us.

MP3: Bomb The Music Industry – Does Your Face Hurt? No? Cause it’s Killin Me!!!
MP3: Big D And The Kid’s Table – Scenester
MP3: Anti-Flag – Indie Sucks, Hardline Sucks, Emo Sucks, You Suck!
MP3: Good Clean Fun – A Little Bit Emo, A Little Bit Hardcore

Bomb The Music Industry
Big D
Good Clean Fun

*In the words of FogHorn Leghorn “It’s a joke son, a joke”

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