None More Black


For those who don’t know, None More Black was fronted by the lead singer of Kid Dynamite (both bands which are now broken up). If you’re a fan of the Melodic Punk, this is definitely a band that you need to check out.

MP3: None More Black – Drop The Pop
While I can’t claim to know what the song is actually about, I know what it definitely means to me. It makes me think of big changes in life (cough cough graduation cough cough) and being scared shitless of it, but still trying to pretend to keep your cool, and failing miserably. With this being the last day of classes, I can definitely relate.

MP3: None More Black – You Suck! But Your Peanut Butter Is OK.
While the actual meaning of this song was explained by Jason from None More Black In An Interview. I definitely see where this song is coming from. Bigger than just one incident, it’s a whole mockery of the whole punk “scene” (something I stopped caring about a few years ago). You goto shows, and sometimes it’s just negativity, who’s punker than who, who sold out, etc.

MP3: None More Black – We Dance On The Ruins Of This Stupid Stage
I know for the longest time, I wanted to be in a touring punk band. It seems like a pretty common thing, wanting to be in a band that makes it. The idea is glamorized, but there’s a very tough reality to being in a band. None More Black definitely makes that clear in this song. I can’t help but think about when I was in a little local band, and while it was a lot of fun, it was actually a lot of work and dedication to do, so I can’t even imagine a touring band. This song also serves as a premise for None More Black breaking up, which happened not too long after they made this song.

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