Skate Music: Bones Brigade


With an album name like “I Hate Myself When I’m Not Skateboarding”, I knew I had to check this band out. This band is all about lightning fast thrash hardcore (kind of like old DRI). I have two of Bones Brigade’s CDs, and out of the 34 songs, they have two that make it over the 3 minute mark, the majority clocking in under a minute. The singer sounds pissed off about something, but I’m definitely not sure what since the majority of lyrics deal with skating and circle pits. Perfect skate music (I was skating to them last night, although I guess they’re singing about skateboarding and I inline), but if you’re looking for some new noise to grind to, check them out.

MP3: Bones Brigade – Disgruntled Old Dick

MP3: Bones Brigade – Skate Or Die

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