Bach: The Godfather of Punk Rock


So I’ve posted before how Before There Was Rock, There Was Bach, and if you weren’t convinced then that Bach was a punk rocker, then I found some interesting information that proves that Bach was more punk rock than you (and I) will ever be.

Interesting Fact #1: Bach once told one of his students that their bassoon playing was like a nanny goat, and his student got pissed. One evening, Bach was out roaming the streets like all true gutter punks, and the student approached him and demanded that Bach take back what he said about the goat or something… Anyways, Bach refused, and the student attacked him with a walking stick. Did Bach run? Hell no! My main man Johann drew out his sword, and fought the student back until someone broke them up.

Interesting Fact #2: Bach was employed by some Duke for a while. Bach decided he was completely against the capitalis… err… Feudalistic system and wanted to quit his job. The duke told him he couldn’t quit, and Bach pretty much said “screw you, I’m quitting”. The Duke promptly threw Bach’s ass in jail for a month. What did Bach do during his time in jail? Write some of the best damn punk tunes ever written.

Interesting Fact #3: During Bach’s time, apparently people were player hating on the women. They weren’t allowed to compose or perform music during that time period, which was a shame, because I’m sure there were plenty of talented women back then that we’ll never get to hear. Anyways, Bach said “fuck the status quo” and worked on some of his pieces with a woman. He’s been bringing the man down before we were even sure there was a man.

Don’t believe, look this shit up, I swear it’s true.

MP3: Bach – Concerto No. 1 in F Major
MP3: Bach – Violin Concerto in E. I Allegro

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