Neko Case


Neko Case is the coolest. How did she get so cool you ask. Why do you think I know?! If I knew her secret I would steal it and join the New Pornographers. Anyway I first heard of her because of her work with the New Pornographers then someone told me she had some pretty good solo albums. Her solo stuff is pretty alt-country so it took me awhile to get into but eventually I realized its genius. It was hard picking just a few songs to post from her latest studio release. Fox Confessor Brings the Flood is one of those albums where every song becomes your favorite song. But here are my picks along with a bonus song from her earlier album Blacklisted.

MP3: Neko Case- Margaret vs. Pauline
MP3: Neko Case- Hold On, Hold On
MP3: Neko Case- I Wish I Was the Moon


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