Moes Haven

Sasha:Moes Haven is a two man (Matt Farley and Tom Scalzo) band from New Hampshire. Much like Paleo’s 356 day song diary, in 2006 they recorded 30-minutes of music every day for a year. The best 16 songs from the project were released as the album “Victory is Ours! (For Now).” With their sense of humor and detail oriented lyrics they remind me of early Mountain Goats with a splash a twee pop. The album is definitely worth checking out with such songs as “Canadian Fisheries,” “Let’s Open a Deli!” and “Peter Bogdanovich Can’t Stop Talking About Orson Welles.”

MP3: Moes Haven- Let Me Tell You ‘Bout A Girl
MP3: Moes Haven- Double Agents Are Deceptive

Moes Haven

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