Melt Banana

Q: What band could SilverUnity- the punk rocker, Sasha- the indie kid and AquarianBeauty- the early 90s dance-pop lover all go see and love?

A: Melt Banana, a Japanese noise rock band. Here’s what we all thought of the show:

AquarianBeauty: Sasha, Silver Unity and I were lucky enough to see Melt Banana last night. I had heard some on their stuff before and saw some live videos on the youtube, but this was my first experience seeing them live…and let me tell you….it was AMAZING! If you have heard of Melt Banana and vaguely thought, “hey maybe that would be a cool band to see live”…then definitely do it because you will be forever grateful you did. But enough about Melt Banana, because I know that Sasha and Silver Unity will do that up enough for me. I instead would like to discuss the opening band, Hex Machine. Now, at first I had planned this post just to bash the band…but I had a lot of time on the way back home to think about it. I was going to discuss that when I first heard them I was like…”Hmmm..experimental hair metal?”…and then later Silver Unity suggested “Bad Pantera?”

Either way, all three of us found ourselves making up new lyrics in our heads to get through the set. So, after the ride home, I realized, “Hey..Melt Banana is a weird fucking band..and what else would you expect the opening band to be?” Also, the three of us were super pumped to see Melt Banana so sitting through any opening band would have been torture. And last, I have to give Hex Machine some credit because they had good energy for a crowd that was at worse, listless and impatient and at best un-enthused. Although, I do recall seeing one kid pumped for life up at the front…so there ya go. Anyways, check out their myspace because if they had not been opening for Melt Banana….maybe they would have been better.

SilverUnity: Melt Banana will seriously melt your face. I’ve heard that Melt Banana’s music simply does not translate well on CD compared to their live show, and after seeing them, I now understand what everyone means. While I occasionally listen to Melt Banana, I can’t honestly say that I really know any of their songs (besides Ketchup-Mess and their Monkey Man cover), but somehow, I was able to get into their energetic-million-mile-per-hour-speed-induced performance. And by get into, I mean really get into. If you love Melt Banana… I don’t need to tell you this, but go see them live. If you hate Melt Banana… go see them live. If you never heard of Melt Banana… go see them live. Even AquarianBeauty was getting really into it, and her preferable style of music is 90s pop, oldies, and country. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen plenty, so that’s saying a lot).

Sasha: Well you get the picture already, it was an awesome awesome show, if you ever get the chance go see them. If the three of us can agree on a band chances are whatever music you like you’ll love Melt Banana. If you’re still not convinced check out this video and these songs:


Melt Banana- Monkey Man (Toots and the Maytals cover)
Melt Banana- I Hate It!



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