The Evil Powers Of A Mustache

What do Hitler, Stalin, and Dr. Robotnik all have in common? Ok time up, pencils down. If you answered they are all men, you’d be way off (Robotnik was a robot… duh.) If you answered that they are all “evil”, you’d only be partially right. The real connection is that they are all brought together by one thing, and that is an evil mustache.

The Vandals completely understand where I’m coming from with this. Here, let me just give you an example of the lyrics: “ Mustache is a symbol of repression and of hate. Never trust a man with a butt broom on his face”. So be educated… Knowledge is power, and power is controlled by those with mustaches.

The Vandals
Big D And The Kids Table

Atom And His Package

The Vandals – Power Mustache
Big D And The Kids Table – Dirt Lip
Atom And His Package – Mustache TV

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