Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, Against All Authority

So last night Sasha and I went to go see Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Streetlight, and AAA. After waiting in a ridiculously long line, we finally got in the venue (which was packed, mostly with RBF fans), just as Against All Authority was about to play.

I’m a huge fan of the band, and so I rushed up front to join the pit. The majority of people there weren’t really getting into them, but there were about 30 dedicated people in the pit screaming along every word to every song (myself included). Against All Authority stated that their horn player couldn’t make it due to family emergency, but they still rocked out. Opening with All Fall Down, they played a few classics such as Hard As Fuck and Whistleblower. I was disappointed with how short their set was (only about 15-20 minutes, if that), but was enthusiastic about seeing Streetlight Manifesto again.

When Streetlight Manifesto took the stage, the crowd went wild. Now, Streetlight Manifesto is one of my favorite ska bands, but unfortunately I couldn’t get into their set as much due to feeling really sick, but it was still enjoyable non-the-less. Opening with Everything Went Numb, they blasted through a few songs on their debut album, played a new song (which was pretty damn good), and the old Catch-22 classic, Keasby Nights. Again, like AAA, their set was way to short (only 20 minutes again), and I really would of liked to see them play their entire album (as they usually do). It was good to hear a new song as well, since I’ve seen them play nearly 6 times now, the show gets pretty predictable.

Reel Big Fish took the stage next, and you can tell that this was the band most people came to see. Sasha and I aren’t huge fans of RBF, and so we watched the show in the back. I’ve seen them a few times, and they always do put on a fun show, but this time, (probably from the sheer excitement of Less Than Jake playing) I found myself pretty bored. Although, the band did a funny skit where they played one of their songs “Suburban Sound” in all types of fashions, including punk rock, death metal, Jazz, emo, and disco. When they finished, more than a 1/4 of the crowd left the show, leaving more room to dance for LTJ.

Less Than Jake came on next, in a Price Is Right Fashion. Now, I have a love-hate relationship with this band. They are the ones that got me into the genre waaaaay back, however I really don’t like their new stuff one bit. The band announced that they are bringing their traveling game show across the nation, and the songs that will be played is a game of chance. It is actually this reason we came to the show, because we’re both huge fans of Less Than Jake’s old stuff, and hoped that they were going to play stuff off of Pezcore and Hello Rockview. They strongly opened with “All My Friends Are Metal Heads”, “Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts”, and then some new song I don’t really know.

It was now time for the game show. They brought contestants on stage, and asked questions like “How much money does it take to rent out this venue?”. The kid who got it right got to drop a disc, which landed on their newest cd “In With The Out Crowd”. Severely disappointed, me and Sasha swore that if the next album was Anthem, we were going to walk out. The crowd was not digging the new stuff, and it was funny how LTJ knew most people did not wanna hear the album. They said they’d only play four songs from the album (to my relief), and they brought the contestants up again. This time, the winner spun a huge wheel, and me and Sasha were more ecstatic than a little schoolboy on crack when it landed on Pezcore. They blasted through six classics (Liquor Store, Growing Up On A Couch, 3 Quarts Drunk to name a few) which the crowd was getting much more into. When they finished up Pezcore, they played another new song, and then “History of a Boring Town”. Finally, the band closed with Look What Happened, My Very Own Flag (my favorite!), and Gainesville Rock City.

I would recommend this show if you are willing to deal with the short setlists of Streetlight and AAA, and the game of chance with Less Than Jake. While I was convinced the show was over once they played “In With The Out Crowd”, they redeemed themselves with Pezcore, and I had a complete blast. Tonight, Sasha is going to take this punk rocker to see Neko Case, which I’m sure she’ll have a write-up on later.

Less Than Jake – My Very Own Flag
Less Than Jake – 3 Quarts Drunk

You can also get some AAA Mp3s from my last AAA show review here.

Less Than Jake
Against All Authority

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