Surviving The 9-5 Blues

So I started a new job yesterday, which I have to wake up early for (which is 4 hrs earlier than 12 pm). Since then, I’ve been completely exhausted to do anything. However, I’m only giving myself a few days to do be tired and stay in, because I do not want to be stuck in a rut (wake up, goto work, sleep, repeat) as some people I know do. I work with a bunch of workaholics, who think its perfectly normal to stay there for 10 hrs everyday (I refuse to do this.)

I found this article pretty useful as far as surviving a “real” job, (we’ll see how long I can do this day job crap before I go nuts), and although I may be down these first few days, I promise to stay young.

7 Seconds – Young Til I Die
Millions Of Dead Cops – I Hate Work
Sublime – 9 to 5 (really rare song, does anyone know anything about it?)
Crucial Unit – Bruce Springsteen Needs The Workers, But The Workers Don’t Need But The Workers Don’t Need Bruce Springsteen

7 Seconds
Crucial Unit

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