Story Time: Time Machine Back Before Catch 22

Once upon a time, there was a 15 yr boy named Thomas who enjoyed playing music. Him and some friends in the East Brunswick area NJ decided they wanted to start a punk band. They called themselves Gimp. In 1995, they released a very low quality album on cassette, called “Smiles For Macavity”. The album did not receive any circulation outside of their area, yet I can almost guarantee you know one of the songs on it.

This boy Thomas, eventually went on to form Catch 22, Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution, and Streetlight Manifesto. Catch 22 did a cover of the original Gimp song “Super Nothing”, except the original is a slow acoustic version with a violin.

Gimp – Supernothing
Gimp – Humming On The Table
Gimp – The Only Other Way

You Can Download The Entire CD (err… cassette) for free from here.

You can’t buy it… silly.

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