The Vapids: Most Under-rated Ramones-Esq Band Around

Indicated from the polls, we learned that most of you are fans of Indie. Sasha suggests that we post more punk rock until you guys start liking it more! I, obviously, am in complete agreement! Let’s make this one a quick one. Look through your MP3 collection, do you see any Ramones, Groovie Ghoulies, or Teenage Bottlerocket in there?

If yes: You’re going to love The Vapids, so skip this, and go straight to the MP3s.

If not: SHAME ON YOU! But that’s ok… We’ll work with you anyway. The Vapids are good place to get started, and for all of you keeping track of your scene points, you can add some on as they aren’t too well known.

Now I know what you nay-sayers are thinking: “Gee silverunity, why should I waste my time with another 3 chord Ramones style band?”

And I will say “You still have much to learn young grasshopper. You see, new and innovating is good and all, but think of your favorite childhood activity. Maybe it was Ninja Turtles, maybe NES, possibly going to the playground. Now that you are older, don’t you ever reminisce for the steady, the unchanging? Something you can always count on? This my friend, is where the hills dance with the stream, and the Vapids will always be there.”

Note: theres an emo-core band that goes by the same name… don’t be fooled.

The Vapids – Cynical Solution
The Vapids – Monkey Beach
The Vapids – These Kids Are Sick

The Vapids

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