Armalite: Atom And His Package and Dan Yemin From Kid Dynamite

We here at housewives love Atom and his Package. I also love Kid Dynamite and Paint it Black. While the music isn’t nearly as heavy as Kid Dynamite or Paint it Black, it’s nice to hear Adam’s voice with some fun catchy punk. To be honest, the music actually reminds me of None More Black (which was started by Jason, the vocalist for Kid Dynamite). While most of the vocals are done by Adam, the songs that don’t feature him are just as catchy. I’m (hopefully) going to see them for the first time this week, I’ll post a show review soon afterwards. In the meantime:

Armalite – I am Pancreas, Seek To Understand Me (my favorite!)
Armalite – Dan’s Hands Melt
Armalite – Grace (or the Importance of Being Impermanent)

No Idea Records

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