Phil Collins- Actually A Pretty Cool Guy

My roommate freshman year of college hated Phil Collins. I know what you’re thinking, yeah so what everyone hates Phil Collins. No, she hated him with a shocking amount passion. Shocking because really, how often does one encounter Phil Collins? It seems like if you avoid soft rock radio stations and the occasional Disney movie you could go through most of your life pretending he didn’t exist, right? Actually, after learning about her problem I started noticing him popping up all over the place.

So I was listening to This American Life last week. The topic of the episode was break-ups and in the first act writer Starlee Kine decides that she will write her own break-up song drawing inspiration from the man himself, Phil Collins. She even snags an interview with the guy! Listening to the show I was really surprised by how approachable and down to earth he was. He and Kine commiserate about how much breaking up sucks and he actually seemed like a cool guy. Who knew?

MP3: The Postal Service- Against All Odds (Phil Collins cover)


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