Unfortunately My Mom Doesn’t Play the Bass

Say Hi To Your Mom, one of my favorite bands, is looking for a bass player. East-coasters, youngsters and simpletons need not apply. Here’s the info straight from the horses mouth:

Hi friends, were looking for a bass player for some imminent touring and eventual collaboration. As always, the ideal candidate will:

1. Live in Seattle
2. Be over the age of 25
3. Have touring experience
4. Be willing to leave a day job for 4-6 weeks at a time several times a year
5. Be fully aware that the touring life is not as glamorous as portrayed in film
6. Be a quick and effective learner

Kindly send us links to music you’ve played on, your social networking profile and pictures of yourself, preferable on stage to: [email protected]. If you aren’t familiar with what we do, you can find more information here: www.ilikesayhi.com .”

MP3: Say Hi To Your Mom- Unless The Laker Game Was On
MP3: Say Hi To Your Mom- A Hit In Sweden


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