Like the Pogues? Check Out The Nipple Erectors

Ok, The Nipple Erectors (eventually changed their name to The Nips) sound NOTHING like the Pogues. So you’re probably wondering “who the hell are The Nips?” Well, I can guarantee they’re thinking the same thing about you Mr/Ms anonymous internet blog reader.

The Nips were a British punk band formed in 1977, and played music in the vein of The Clash , Elvis, and Anti-Pasti. “So what the hell do they have to do with The Pogues?! I want my money back! Midwestern Housewives ripped me off!” Cool it anonymous aggravated aggregator, you didn’t pay anything, and I’m getting to it. The Nips were fronted by Shane MacGowen, the original singer and songwriter of The Pogues.

Now, you can’t find much of their stuff, as most is out of print. In fact, the MP3s that I posted with these are from an old out of print album, so enjoy!

The Only Album available to my knowledge

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