The Extra Glenns- Martial Arts Weekend

The Extra Glenns is a side project of The Mountain Goats, John Darnielle. With the Mountain Goats huge back catalogue of work it’s easy to forget about The Extra Glenns but if you’re an MG fan I highly recommend checking them out. The band is a collaboration between Darnielle and Nothing Painted Blue member Franklin Bruno.

Martial Arts Weekend is supposed to be a country western record but with the exception of the Lenard Cohen cover Memories it sounds like an indie rock album to me. Actually for my money it may as well be a Mountain Goats record. It even includes three songs in Darnielle’s “Going to” series, most notably Going to Marrakesh for the lyric “Our love is like Jesus, but worse.”

MP3: The Extra Glenns- Baltimore
MP3: The Extra Glenns- Going to Marrakesh


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