Odds and Ends

There’s a bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to post for a long time now but for some reason or other haven’t been able to write about. I thought now would be a good time to just post em all.

Nathan Lawr And The Minotaurs – I’ve been trying to write a post about his new album A Sea Of Tiny Lights for almost a month now but the words, they don’t come to me. I like this whole album, it has horns and strings and some clever lyrics. It really deserves its own post check it out.

MP3: Nathan Lawr and the Minotaurs- Swimming Like A Needle in the Haystack of the Sea
MP3: Nathan Lawr and the Minotaurs- The Glass Footsteps

Tournaments– I was going to write a post about Tournaments awhile ago but then I didn’t know what to write and I got lazy and Three Pints beat me to the punch. Anyway I’m posting here because although I’ve only heard these two songs they’re pretty damn good for demos and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

MP3: Tournaments- Boldest of Colours Early Bounce
MP3: Tournaments- Lone Sailor Sep Bounce

Jeremy Warmsley – I don’t know anything about Jeremy Warmsley except his single Dirty Blue Jeans is crazy catchy and awesome and his cover of Girl Inform Me is kinda weird.

MP3: Jeremy Warmsley- Dirty Blue Jeans
MP3: Jeremy Warmsley- Girl Inform Me (Shins Cover)

Jack Peñate – Apparently this guy is huge in England? I’ve never heard anyone talking about him and his label has proven difficult to get in touch with. It’s ska, it’s dance, it’s indie, listen for yourself.

MP3: Jack Peñate- Second, Minute or Hour
MP3: Jack Peñate- Torn on the Platform

Ryan Auffenberg – I wouldn’t call Auffenberg a guilty pleasure but his style of music isn’t what I normally listen to. I guess you could say he’s in the folk/alt-country category? I don’t know much about him, I’ve got is his EP, The Bright Lights, which I listen to all the time.

MP3: Ryan Auffenberg- Under All the Bright Lights
MP3: Ryan Auffenberg- Missouri in the Morning

Of Montreal – We posted a cover of Housewives favorite Don’t Stop Believin’ awhile ago that I didn’t really like. I think this live Of Montreal cover is much better.

MP3: Of Montreal- Don’t Stop Believin’ (Live)

Buy: Nathan Lawr And The Minotaurs, Tournaments, Jeremy Warmsley, Jack Peñate, Ryan Auffenberg, Of Montreal

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