Say Hi- The Wishes And The Glitch

Say Hi (formerly, To Your Mom) has a new album out titled The Wishes and the Glitch. It doesn’t hit stores till Feburary 5th 2008, but oh, don’t worry. You can buy it from them right now in MP3 format DRM-free! Do it. The new album covers similar themes to earlier records- video games, crushes, spiders and delivers all the catchy hooks I was hoping for but I think there’s more of a full band sound. I had a really hard time picking just two songs to post.

MP3: Say Hi- Magic Beans and Truth Machines
MP3: Say Hi- Bluetime

And that’s not all. There’s a tour. As I’ve written before Say Hi puts on an awesome live show so if they’re coming to your town or nearby don’t miss em!

Tour Dates

Buy the Album

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