The New Pornographers at Webster Hall

I wasn’t off the wall excited about seeing the New Pornographers on Thursday last week because I had just seen them this summer, I had kind forgotten I had tickets to the show and the event was eclipsed by the excitement of having my friend Andy come visit me.

So I got Webster completely unprepared for the band to knock me the fuck out. I can say without hesitation that the New Pornpgraphers at Webster Hall was one of the best show I’ve seen this year. The entire recorded band played including Neko Case and Dan Bejar. The band played for almost two solid hours including two encores. I think I could live the rest of my life in the moments they played The Laws Have Changed.

It’s always a huge treat to hear Neko live and Bejar put on a fantastic performance. Carl Newman also rocked out pretty hardcore joking with the crowd that Testament to Youth and Verse was like that Rage Against the Machine song Killing in the Name Of because you have to suffer through the first four minutes to get to the “fuck you I won’t do what you tell me” part.

When they left the stage for the first time I had no idea what was even left for an encore but they came through with an appearance from Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes.

All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth
Use It
Myriad Harbour
All the Old Showstoppers
Miss Teen Wordpower
Execution Day
The Laws have Changed
Spirit of Giving
My Rights Vs. Yours
Mass Romantic
Testament to Youth in Verse
Adventures in Solitude
Bones of an Idol
Twin Cinema
Go Places
Sing Me Spanish Techno
Bleeding Heart Show
These Are the Fables
Jackie Dressed in Cobras
Violent Femmes cover w/ Gordon Gano
Letter from an Occupant


Thanks to Matt for the photos.

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