Big D and the Kids Table at the Knitting Factory

It takes alot to get me out to a show on a Sunday night but I’ve been there with Big D since high school and since I missed them on their last tour I figured I’d head out to see their show at the Knitting Factory.

The A.K.As were definitely the standout opening act. They played simple punk rock with an amazing amount of energy. Although the band is from Philly they reminded me of a few west coast bands like the Teenage Harlets, the Phenomenauts and the Secretions.

MP3: The A.K.As- Shout Out Loud

During their set Big D mentioned that they had been playing as an opening act for the past three years and that this was one of their first headlining tours so they were going to play as long as they wanted. They did. Big D played almost an hour and a half set with a good mix of old and new songs. Below are a few favorites from last night, others were I’m Yours Boston, What The Hell Are You Going To Do?, New England (Jonathan Richman cover), L.A. X, My Girlfriends On Drugs, Shining On and Souped-Up Vinyl.

MP3: Big D and the Kids Table- Can’t Be Caught

MP3: Big D and the Kids Table-
Those Kids Suck
MP3: Big D and the Kids Table- Wailing Paddle (Rudiments cover)

The A.K.As

Big D and the Kids Table

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