Smoke Or FIre

I’ll be honest, when I grabbed “Above the City” a few years ago from my college radio station’s giveaway, I wasn’t overly fond of it. However, I recently gave it another chance, and I’m damn glad I did.

“But silverunity, this CD is oooooold and they recently came out with a new one! Why would you cover this?! You’re laaaaame… And I like long voooooowels.”

Well my dear nay-sayer, I completely understand your point, and I would further like to debate you on this pressing topic, but for now, I’ll just have to say “fuck off, sorry, I mean… fuck ooooooooff”. *

Oh yes, back to the band. They play melodic punk, similar to early Strike Anywhere, kind of meshed in with the NJ band Let It Burn. Their opening track “California’s Burning” is my favorite (and ironically appropriate). Oh, and they are playing tonight, which I may or may not goto (which means you may or may not get a review) #

* Ignore the bitter nature of my post. My car broke down today and I’m kind of pissed.

# No, I’m not “too cool”, and it’s nowhere as rebellious as it sounds. It’s more “can I afford to go to the show after Midas rips me a new one?”

Smoke Or Fire – California’s Burning
Smoke Or Fire – Filter


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