Get Hassled By The Police

Who doesn’t love cops?

As I was entering the pitch blackness (damn you daylight savings!) after leaving work today, I got in my car to get ready to leave. No exaggeration, I’m in there no longer than 10 seconds when two cop cars pull up behind my parked car (on a private parking lot mind you) and start shining their goddamn lights on me.

I was incredibly confused as one approached my car, maybe they saw the dead guy’s arm hanging from my trunk?

“Where are you going?”

I told him I was going home, and I asked him (rather pissed off) what the problem was. Apparently, he wanted to know why I was just sitting in my car for “so long” (he informed me that there has been a lot of car robberies in the lot, which is complete bullshit). I told him that I worked there, and I seriously just stepped into my car. He didn’t believe me (was it my mustard plug sticker? the fact I haven’t shaved in 2 weeks, or the fact I was wearing a hoodie as opposed to a suit and tie?) as he took my information and ran a check on me.

Then it was like a game of 20 fucking questions. “Make a lot of money?” “Does your company work with porn? That would be a sweet job.” (I’m not fucking kidding either).

Thank you cop, for wasting a good 10 minutes of my life.

Now my question is, was this an unlawful stop and am I justified to file a complaint? It’s really just a principle of the matter at this point. If you have any idea, let me know.

Against All Authority – Policeman
Operation Ivy – Officer
Humungus – I Hate Motherfucking Cops

Op Ivy

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