Intro5pect – Realpolitik!

FINALLY! Techno-punk rockers Intro5pect released their long awaited EP “Realpolitik” less than a month ago. I know you’ve been waiting forever for this one… OK, let me rephrase that. I’ve been waiting forever for some new Intro5pect since the first time I heard their album back when I was a senior in high school.

Intro5pect is freshening up the punk scene mixes crazy techno, electric beats with blazing punk rock, all with intelligent lyrics. This time however, they brought a friend. Featured on a few of the tracks is Choking Victim’s/Leftover Crack’s very own STZA (who even sings on a schizophrenic seizure inducing cover of LoC “Nazi White Trash”… be still my heart!)

Realpolitik is definitely in my top 5 albums released this year, and I would highly recommend checking it out (even if you’re not into it, it’s refreshing to hear something new done with punk). I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to start raving and moshing at the same time as much as I do when I listen to this.


Intro5pect – Crooked Lies (Makes Baby Jesus Cry)
Intro5pect – Nazi White Trash (featuring STZA)



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