Please Translate This Melt Banana Setlist For Me

Big shoutouts to the guy/gal who commented on this, and Kirino, who sent us an email translating the list!

– intro
– A Dreamer Who is Too Weak To Face Up To
– Spider Snipe
– Heiwaboke Crisis
– Ether Twisted
-Call Of The Vague
– A Hunter in The Rain Cut To The Neck

– Heart Of Glass (Blondie Cover)
– Green Eyed Devil
-One Drop, One Life?
– Cracked Plaster Cast
– Key Is A Fact A Cat Brings
– Cat Brain Land
-Blank Page of The Blind

Shield For Your Eyes, A Beast In The Well Of Your Hand.
One more I can’t remember

Last night I went to go see crazy noise-punk- experimental-assault-your-face-pure-happiness better known as Melt Banana at the First Unitarian Church, as they are on tour supporting their release: Bambi’s Dilemma

The opening band Cleric played soundscapes and metalcore, all while the singer screamed pure agony (not any words, just constant screams) and pounded on the keyboard (kind of like how a little kid just smashes the keys). I looked behind me, and there was this couple there, obviously for someone in the band. The lady (in her 40s-50s) obviously not enjoying the “music” from the grimace on her face. Her husband however, (mid 50s), is dressed in a complete suit and tie, with neatly groomed gray hair, and has his mouth completely open in amazement as he headbangs through THE ENTIRE SET. No one was rocking out more than this older man who obviously just came from his office job. This obviously brought a giant grin to my face, as it shows, you’re never too old to have some fun.

Next up were Brooklyn NY’s Vaz, who played some very spooky rock. I’m not talking like “rape-your-mother-murder-your-father-metal” type spooky… I’m talking Super Mario Level 8 Bowser music spooky mixed in with the scary tunnel part of Willie Wonka.

Melt Banana
I love Melt Banana. One of the best (if not the best) live bands I’ve ever seen, and this time I actually knew most of the songs that they played (as opposed to the first time I’ve seen them.) Carrying a giant tarantula stuffed animal on stage with them, they wasted no time breaking out into one of their songs. Yours truly was in the moshpit the entire set, which the crowd instantly erupted into. Melt Banana’s sound translated really well into the small intimate church basement, and their sound was definitely “clean” (as opposed to the grittiness usually associated with them.)


Blank Page of the Blind
Spider Snipe

Melt Banana

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