Streetlight Manifesto 11/14/07 Show Review

So 2 nights ago, I trekked out to Lancaster, PA to catch Streetlight Manifesto (since I only caught about 3-4 of their songs when they played in Philly due to unforeseen circumstances). Let me take this opportunity to say: I hate Lancaster. Everyone has their cities they hate… Sasha hates Miami, and I despise Lancaster. Besides being a boring, historic, (rundown) industrial town that has truck stops with giant “We got Pepsi!” signs (because Pepsi’s so rare these days…), besides the fact that shows must end by 10pm (we don’t want any of those punk hoodlums walking our streets at night!)… kids in Lancaster don’t know how to skank.

I got to the Chameleon Club and I missed both opening bands, (not a huge deal, I saw them in Philly on Sunday). It was mentioned that the Suburban Legends were robbed in Philly, and cancelled the rest of their tour. Streetlight came on the tiny stage to perform for the 150-200 person crowd, and the crowd instantly… did absolutely nothing. Some kids opened up a mosh pit in the back, but most people just stood there, yawning, arms crossed. I felt like I was at an indie show, and I mean that in the most offensive way possible. Besides the crowd completely sucking (I know I’m focusing a lot on the crowd here, but half of the fun at a show is the crowd.), Streetlight played a solid, tight set (except for some weird tempo issues in A Better Place, A Better Time).

They kept the stage banter to a minimum, keeping the cro… err… me skanking for a decent portion of their set. I am actually a little disappointed they didn’t play more of their new stuff (that’s probably the first and only time I’ve ever said that about ANY band), probably because I’ve seen them a million times during the “Everything Goes Numb” days (which lasted for… 4 yrs.)

we will fall together
we are the few
everything went numb
Down, Down, Down to Mephisto’s cafe
would you be impressed
a better place, a better time
somewhere in the between
wonderful life (B.O.T.A.R cover)
Point Counterpoint/Keasby Nights
Watch it crash
the big sleep
here’s to life


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