Odds and Ends

Ok, it’s that time again. Lots of bands! Odds and ends!

4 or 5 Magicians – I’m not a huge fan of the myspace (hence the sparse nature of the Housewives account) but I’ve been spending a decent amount of time over there listening to the songs 4 or 5 Magicians are streaming. The Brighton group is noisy, energetic, fun and crazy catchy. They’ve got an 4 track single titled Forever On The Edge coming out on Alcopop! Records. The title track is awesome, definitely check it out.

Bloodshot Revival – This is another band that’s getting me over my myspace aversion. Not to be confused with Jersey punk-ska band New Blood Revival, Bloodshot Revival is a New York dance-indie-pop band. With songs full of snotty vocals and infectious hooks they’re a fun listen and I bet they put on a mean live show.

MP3: Bloodshot Revival- King of the Casios

The CaribbeanThese DC bureaucrats put together fine little indie-pop record titled Populations. The album’s got a nice mellow feel to it. It’s nothing to jump up and down and shout about but I like it.

MP3: The Caribbean- The Go From Tactical
MP3: The Caribbean- Color Television

Andy DitzlerI’m not too sure what to say about this guy but I like him.

MP3: Andy Ditzler- Economics
MP3: Andy Ditzler- Another Customer

WiselyAnother mellow listen, LA singer-songwriter Wisely has a new album coming out in January. He even got Jenna Fischer (Pam on The Office) to star in the video for his single Through Any Window.

MP3: Wisely- Through Any Window

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