When Sasha asks people what style of music they listen to, and they respond “Oh I listen to everything!” Sasha has been known to respond “Oh yeah? Everything? So you like crust eh?”

Well, I actually do listen to a few crust-punk bands, and Aus-Rotten is one of them. Furiously political (and intelligent lyrics), fans of punk looking for something a bit heavier will find refuge in Aus-Rotten.

They boast possibly the longest crust song ever (measuring in at nearly 16 minutes), but personally, it seems like a few different songs all merged into one track. Anyways, that’s the song I am posting today, and even if you don’t like the music, I highly recommend listening to the intro, (an actual commercial for Philip Morris cigarettes) as it will make you both laugh and cringe at the same time.

Aus-Rotten – …And Now Back To Our Programming



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