I took the day off work today and went up to Massachusetts. At this very moment I am at the school my sister teaches at and my nieces attend. I am terrified. A minute ago I was sitting in a room full of two year olds who were smashing cranberries with hammers. A whole room full of two year olds with hammers! I love my niece but she is not someone I would want to give a hammer. I’m surprised I made it out of there with all my fingers.

So tomorrow we head up to Vermont. Posting might be sporadic these next few days as I try to find computer access in the wilds of the north. In the meantime here are some Thanksgiving songs. I hope everyone else out there is having a good holiday. Try to resist the urge to overeat and commit genocide on indigenous peoples.

MP3: The Shins- Young Pilgrams
MP3: Eef Barzelay- Thanksgiving Waves
MP3: DJ Mike D!- Rejoicing Feast


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