A Ska Band That Even Indie Kids Listen To

If there is a ska band that I’ve known indie kids to actually like, it’s definitelty The Impossibles. I must have met at least 6 indie fans who claim to hate ska, but love this band. I don’t know what it is about them…

Many people claim The Impossibles are the Weezer of ska. Unfortantely, I cannot confirm nor deny the accuracy of that claim, as my knowledge to Weezer is limited to some damn song about Beverly Hills that Sasha and AquarianBty always used to sing/play. Oh, and something about destroying a sweater (why destroy it? I’m sure plenty of homeless people can use that sweater Mr. Weezer singer!).

Regardless of whether they sound like Weezer or not, The Impossible play some amazing ska. They definitely have their own sound that no other band has been able to emulate, and it’s pretty apparent these guys were complete nerds “as I push my pen across the page, casting my spell like a first level mage.” This obviously just makes me love and respect them even more…

Not all of their songs are nerdy ska love songs, as one of my favorite songs by them “Oxygen” doesn’t have a trace of ska in it, and was my homesick song 4 years ago when I was a freshman in college… Funnily enough, it’s now my homesick song when I miss college. It also makes a hell of a winter song.

Alas, I never got the joy of seeing them live, as they broke up way back in the day, but I find myself listening to these guys pretty regularly. (They make for some great winter music).

The Impossibles – Plan B
The Impossibles – Everyday
The Impossibles – Oxygen


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