Best Albums of 2008

Little known fact: One of the 10 commandments actually state: “If Thou Ownth A Music Blog, Thou Shall Create A Top 10 Of The Year List. If Thou Fails to Comply, Danny Devito Will Nibble Off Your Fingers To The Knuckle”. 2008 was a hell of a solid year for punk rock and music in […]

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Cut the Shit – Harmed and Dangerous (For fans of Municipal Waste, Minor Threat, Bones Brigade)

18 Songs: 17 minutes (that’s without the 4 minute silence obligatory bonus track)… friends, this is what hardcore is made of. Although calling them “hardcore” would be a little inaccurate, as you can definitely hear many more 80s thrash influences. From the opener “You’re the Problem” all the way through “I Can’t Cope”, Harmed and […]

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