Ska Mixed With Traditional Irish?! Surely You Jest!

When I was browsing the music collection over at the Free Library of Philadelphia (a good way to find some music that isn’t punk/ska/hardcore), somewhere between Bach and Brahms, I noticed a band named “Black 47”. Thinking that is sounded like a punk band’s name, I grabbed it, and read the back cover of their “Trouble In The Land”:

“A streetwise mix of rock, reggae, ska, and Irish music…” Ska? Irish? I knew I had to check out this little Frankenstein.

A mix between Flogging Molly and U2, with a strong touch of ska horns and rocksteady rhythms, “Trouble In The Land” definitely has it’s shining points. Songs such as “Delirious”, “Those Saints”, and “Bobby Kennedy” strongly demonstrate this peculiar yet intriguing hybrid of genres. However, the album is also laced with plenty folksy rock ballads which kind of bored me.

Finally, as if the sound wasn’t sounding weird already, the lead singer at times sounds exactly like Dave from Big D and the Kids Table


Black 47 – Delirious


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