The Mountain Goats- Heretic Pride

I was talking to someone the other day who asked me why I hadn’t been blogging much saying-

“It seems like the sole purpose of your blog is to promote Atom and His Package and the Mountain Goats and you still haven’t written a review of Heretic Pride. What’s going on?”

So here I am back again and rocking out to the Mountain Goats.

I’ve mentioned before that I wasn’t a fan of his last few albums and I tried not to get my hopes up for Heretic Pride. As it turns out my fears were completely unwarranted. Heretic Pride seems to be a return to form for the Goats. The Bright Mountain Choir are back, as are the yelped out vocals and bizarre lyrical content. I couldn’t be happier.

MP3: The Mountain Goats- Autoclave
When I saw him awhile ago he explained what an autoclave was before playing this one.

MP3: The Mountain Goats- Lovecraft in Brooklyn

Check the video. And this great piece he wrote for emusic about his favorite Mountain Goats characters.


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