Less Than Jake – Pezcore

If you don’t know Less Than Jake’s Pezcore, shame on you! You should probably get off the internet, go get yourself a copy, and lock yourself in your room for the next few months and just listen to it, over and over and over and…

Yes, I am aware that this album is older then the internet and earth itself, but as it is one of my favorite albums of all time. Sure, Less than Jake and myself may have parted ways just like LTJ parted ways with ska (although they’re saying there will be a great return to it), it doesn’t change the fact that their early work is completely amazing. Energetic and raw, Pezcore was definitely the soundtrack to my youthful teenage days. And I must say, to this day I find myself wishing that I had my own flag.


Less Than Jake – My Very Own Flag

Less Than Jake – Robo


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