Flaming Tsunamis, Hub City Stompers, Sonic Boom Six at Asbury Lanes (3/27/08)

Damn, show starts at 6 and I’m still an hour and a half away! I pull into Asbury Lanes, half expecting to see that the show has already started and I missed a good number of the bands. Luckily for me, the show got off to a (very) late start, and I was able to catch them all.

Best Of The Worst

The Best of the Worst are setting up, and they look pretty young. Mid-high school maybe? Able to sneak in another game of Pacman before they start (damn red ghost, gets me every time!) Best of the Worst start, and play some ska influenced hardcore. Although at some points sounded a little too screamo, these guys do have potential. Some songs sound a bit underdeveloped (seems to be a common problem when mixing ska and hardcore), but definitely one of the better opening locals I’ve seen.

Sonic Boom Six

Hoooooly shit was I not prepared for Sonic Boom Six. Before this show, I have never heard of these guys (and gal), but once they started sound checking with some sweet reggae rhythms, I knew I was going to love this band. Hailing from the U.K, this was their very first US show, and what a show! Immediately, they got the entire crowd bouncing, singing along (even those of us who don’t know the lyrics), and jumping to their mix of ska/reggae/ragga/and hip hop. Definitely check these guys out, (I’ll be making a posting on them in the future sometime) as I think they completely stole the show. Some highlights: “Piggy In The Middle”, “Sound of a Revolution”, “Northern Skies” and “Meanwhile Back In The Real World.”


Sonic Boom Six – Sound of a Revolution

Next up were New Jersey’s finest, the Hub City Stompers (the reason I came out to this show). The band was (relatively) much more sober this time around since I saw them at their birthday bash a little while back, but by the time they were done with the set, the entire stage was covered in beer. Skanking through their entire set, I was too busy to be paying attention what was going on around me, although the stage banter was pretty hilarious (Them threatening to kick the Flaming Tsunami’s asses if they didn’t play “Bird watching and vice versa”/ making fun of Sonic Boom Six since they were from England…) There was one rather overly ska kid (all dressed in a suit and whatnot) who looked super offended when they played Ska Train to Dorkville (a song pretty much poking fun at ska)… lighten up dude.

Very solid set:
Ska Ska Black Sheep



Where’s My Hooligans

Johnny Date Rape

Clutch Tango

Skins Don’t Cry

Phantom (brand new)

Skinhead Boi

Mass Appeal

I’ve Got A Boot


Ska Train To Dorkville


Hub City Stompers – WTFIU?

Now when I reviewed the Flaming Tsunamis a while back, I mentioned that I was curious to see how they sounded live as I thought there music would translate better… needless to say, I was completely correct. They put on an energetic set, getting me into it even though I was standing on the side (something I NEVER do at shows, but didn’t feel like being in the hardcore dancing pit). If they’re around you, check them out, their shows are incredibly energetic and it is obvious they are simply having fun doing what they love to do. Some standout songs: “Bird Watching and Vice Versa”, “Bennet Brauer”, “If You Really Love Me”.


Flaming Tsunamis – “Bird Watching and Vice Versa”


Sonic Boom Six

Hub City Stompers

Flaming Tsunamis

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