The Best 20 Songs that Finish Under 35 Seconds

Sometimes you just don’t have time to be putting up with long epic bullshit. So take your crazy guitar solos elsewhere, because here is the top 20 songs that finish under 35 seconds (Holy smokes batman! You can listen to every one of these songs here, and be done in under 10 minutes!)

20.River City Rebels – He She It

Raging gang vocals.

19. Atom and his Package – Bloody Lip

I wouldn’t mess with him.

18. Cut the Shit – Your Night To An End

Rather pissed off hardcore… I’d be pissed too if I lived in Boston.

17. Big D and the Kid’s Table – What The Hell Are You Gonna Do?

I ask myself this question everyday.

16. Paint It Black – This Song is Short Because It’s Not Political

I don’t think that’s the reason…

15. NOFX – Gotta Pee

This song has become my anthem anytime I have to… and it annoys the hell out of everyone.

14. Give Up The Ghost – The Ice Age Is Coming!

Actually, I thought it was Global Warming, but whatever.

13. Groovie Ghoulies – Doin Fine

Catchiest song on the list.

12. Dillinger Four – Farts Are Jazz To Assholes


11. Against All Authority – 30 Second Song

Only song on the list that involves horns.

10. Lagwagon – Randal Gets Drunk

For a band that isn’t a ska band… they sure play it well.

9. Less Than Jake – Anchor

Oh Shit! I lied about #11.

8. The Steal – Up In Smoke

Kid Dynamite influenced punk rock.

7. Bigwig – Freegan

A big fuck you to all vegetarians (including myself.)

6. Bouncing Souls – Theme From An American High

Only the Souls could make a 30 second song an anthem.

5. AFI – Hearts Frozen Soil Sod Once More By The Spring Of Rage, Despair, And Hopelessness

The song will be over by the time you try to decipher what the hell the title means.

4. Kid Dynamite – Scary Smurf

Can you say living room Mosh pit?

3. Circle Jerks – Don’t Care

They probably don’t care that they’re on this list.

2. Paint It Black – Cannibal

Possibly the most energetic opener I’ve ever heard.

1. Circle Jerks – Deny Everything

You won’t be able to get it out of your head.


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