Arrah and the Ferns Kaput

I’m a little late on this one I know but bear with me as I work through my grief.

Word from the Arrah and the Ferns Myspace is the band is coming to an end. The release of their new album has been postponed indefinitely and their last show will be in Muncie Indiana on May 3rd (anyone up for a roadtrip?)

Dry your eyes it’s not all bad news. Carl, Joey and Arrah along with some non-ferns are planning to relocate to Philly and focus on the side-project Woodlands. I like what I hear on the Woodlands Myspace (especially check out Slim 5) so I suppose all’s not lost.

MP3: Arrah and the Ferns- Skylark
MP3: Arrah and the Ferns- Emo Philips


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