Voodoo Glow Skulls / Whole Wheat Bread in Philadelphia (6/11/08)

When I heard that Voodoo Glow Skulls were playing a 21+ show up in North Philly at the North Star Bar on Thursday (6/11/08), I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I’ve seen the band before, but never in a bar setting, and never a 21+ crowd. On top of that, the venue has a “strict no moshing” rule.

In a narrow, small room to the side of the bar was the stage, and there was about a crowd of no more than 40 people. Half fans of ska and punk, the other half fratboys there to drink.

When I got in, a local Philly ska band was playing, but I did not catch their name, although they did a pretty ridiculous cover of “Everybody Dance Now”.

Knock Out

Next up was a three man band from Riverside, California called Knock Out. Playing a fusion of reggae and so-cal punk, they definitely reminded me of Authority Zero. Definitely a band to check out.

Whole Wheat Bread

In the past, I never was a huge fan of Whole Wheat Bread. Their recorded stuff is a little too poppy for my liking, and their live shows usually are a bit as well. This time around however, they played the rawest set I have ever seen them do. I only own “Minority Rules”, however, they played some material off of their EPs, and it definitely sounded like some solid songs. And for a band mixing crunk and punk, they do it surprisingly well. The crowd was getting really into them (especially the drunk fratties), and I even found myself requesting an encore.


Voodoo Glow Skulls

Yeeeeess! The reason I came to the show. This legendary band (they’ve been rocking it since 1988) took the stage and didn’t waste or let up for a second. The no moshing rule of the venue was instantly broken, and no one even tried to calm the skanking/circling crowd. They played tight as usual, and with just as much energy for us 40 people as they do for 400 people. Everyone dispersed after they left the stage, leaving only 10-20 shouting for an encore, which they graciously complied.

Songs I remember from set:


-Say Goodnight


-Nada en la Cabeza

-Fire In The Dancehall

-While My City Sleeps

-The Ballad Of Froggy McNasty

-Shoot The Moon

-Charlie Brown

-Fat Randy

-The Band Geek Mafia

-Left For Dead

Knock Out

Whole Wheat Bread

Voodoo Glow Skulls

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