Spring Heeled Jack – Songs From Suburbia (Catchy Ska)

I’ll put it quite simply: Spring Heeled Jack’s “Songs From Suburbia” is one of the best ska/punk albums around. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most overlooked, even since it came out nearly 10 years ago (Spring Heeled Jack broke up 8 years ago as well).

The songs are incredibly catchy, and unlike most 3rd wave ska bands, the horns don’t accompany the guitars, but rather are completely integrated, and many are even driven by the horns (see “Jolene”). If you’re a fan of ska, definitely check out this album… and if you were are one of those “I used to like ska before I became emo… then indie…but I never listened to ska!” check this album out anyways, you may rekindle a love.


Spring Heeled Jack – Jolene

Spring Heeled Jack – MCMLIX (1959)



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