The Top 10 Instrumental Songs

Instrumentals are way too underrated, often ignored (or *gasp!* dare I say it? skipped!) when we listen to an album. So in tribute to the lonely, underappreciated musical melodies, here are my top 10 (non-classical/non-techno) favorite instrumental tracks.

10. Propagandhi – Interlude

Video panning out of a six year old’s birthday party (thrown in the 80s) is what comes to mind with this song. Thank god Propagandhi has our back with this cheesy, yet awesome interlude.

9. Streetlight Manifesto – Riding the Fourth Wave

Usually I’m not a stickler for production quality on an album (hey, it’s punk right?)… but just this once, I’ll make an exception (and is why I picked this version over the original Catch 22 version). The entire song is pretty much made up of sweet ska solos (or the triple ‘s’ as I like to call it…)

8. Dropkick Murphy’s – Cadence to Arms

I can’t think of any other time I wished I was Scottish except when listening to this song. (Cue the hordes of people who will say “silverunity lol you idiot! DKM is a IRISH band.)

7. Big D and the Kid’s Table – The Sounds Allston Village

Wow, two Boston bands in a row? When you kids up north aren’t freezing your asses off and getting angry about how bad the Red Sox suck, apparently you can make pretty sweet instrumentals. Seriously though, this song takes me back to when I was sophomore in college running to Sheetz at 2 am to pick up some sweet delicious cheese fries.

6. Yardbeat – Fortune Teller

Catchiest instrumental… EVER. The ska riff won’t leave your head (so if you hate ska and already clicked on the song… SUCKER!)

5. Bluekilla – Guns of Navarone

A sweet Skatalites cover, Bluekilla does more than “give justice” to this classic. You’ll feel like you’re invading nazi germany as well!

4. Atom and His Package – People in This Computer Lab Should Shut The Hell Up

Do you really think there would be a list without Atom showing up? As a former computer science major, I can tell you, I completely agree with the song title. It’s really the high pitched melody at 21 seconds that do this song for me. Also, strangely reminds me of Harvest Moon, if anyone knows what I’m talking about.

3. Big D and the Kid’s Table – Oo Le Yeah

Probably the most peaceful song ever. This is for busting mad chills.

2. Horse the Band – Soaring Quails

Has a strangely 80s hair metal glam quality to it. Also, I swear it was taken from Mario 3, when you get a wand and are falling through the flying ship back to the palace.

1. Low Budgets – That Which Can Not Be Named (Coinstar)

Incredibly skankable (which always gets bonus points in my book). Nothing like a good synthesizer skank.




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