Top 6 Reasons Why World/Inferno Friendship Society’s “Red-Eyed Soul” Will Completely Own You

Top 6 reasons you will love World/Inferno Friendship Society’s “Red-Eyed Soul”

6. Definitely the album of 2008.

I don’t care that it was released in 2006, it’s the record of the year.

5. Anarchy and accordions are a match made in heaven

Like awkwardness and a seventh grade dance.

4. (This one is for you hipsters) Their pianist is the keyboardist for The Hold Steady

Which goes to show that maybe some hipster-tastic bands DO have talent.

3. Shows always break into a violent waltzing frenzy

The bouncers’ reactions are pretty priceless.

2. Their music has been proven to heal some dude in Tanzania

And my soul.

1. A full blown instrumental section known to rival the London Symphony Orchestra

Look for them in the newest edition of Rock Band: The Orchestra edition.


World Inferno Friendship Society – Annie The Imaginary Lawyer

World Inferno Friendship Society – Fiend In Wein

World Inferno Friendship Society – Please My Favorite, Don’t Be Sad


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