Adolf and the Piss Artists (For fans of Violent Society, The Virus, Clit 45)

Ok, first thing first everyone: Adolf and the Piss Artists are not nazis, or have anything to do with them. They just thought the name was funny. Now you can read the rest of the post (Oh, and any nazis reading this… get the fuck off the site. Thank you.)

Discovering Adolf and the Piss Artists was like the most god damn elusive experience ever. A friend and I found their cd hidden among the shelves while running a punk college radio show, and when we played it on the air, we were completely blown away (a moshpit may have ensued.) We shelved the album, and when we tried to play it again next week, realized neither of us took note of the band’s name and couldn’t find cd.

It wasn’t until MONTHS later of non-stop searching we found the fucking album, turns out we shelved it in the wrong spot (oops). I feel it is my duty to share this amazing street punk band with all of you for all of those lost months (*sniff* that beautiful wasted youth *sniff*).

Definitely check out Adolf and the Piss Artists if you like some raw, straight up punk with occassional wailing guitar solos. For fans of old school Blanks 77, Violent Society, and Clit 45.

Adolf and the Piss Artists – Abrasive Punk
Adolf and the Piss Artists – Death of Honor II

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