Kids Like Us (For Fans of Give Up The Ghost, Down To Nothing, Bones Brigade)

When you think “hardcore capital of the world” Tallahassee, Florida is the least likely to come to mind. In fact, the only thing Tallahassee has ever given us were copious amounts of golf courses (and I don’t even like golf, you have any idea how expensive lefty clubs are?) Yet, Kids Like Us are able to solidify Tallahassee as a contender with their furious hardcore.

Kids Like Us are completely unrelenting, both musically and lyrically. Musically, they’re insanely fast, brutal, and raw. Taking cues from contemporaries such as Give Up The Ghost, Kids Like Us pull no punches. Lyrically, the band is as straight forward as you can get (“You’re gonna hate me anyway/why don’t I give you a valid fucking reason?”)

Kids Like Us – Lars Is A Fascist

Kids Like Us – Don’t Fake The Punk

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